Responsive Flutter layout with FittedBox widget

Posted on October 01, 2020 in FlutterLayouts


Target Audience: Beginner

Recipe: Learn to use FittedBox layout widget to create responsive layouts for Flutter applications.

Focus Widget: FittedBox

The FittedBox widget is a single child layout widget which means it can have only one child assigned to it. In this example, the Row widget is added as child to FittedBox widget. The Row widget has two Image widgets as its children. Normally, the second child of Row widget will overflow to right when it renders its children on a screen size which is not sufficient to accommodate all of its children. However, with FittedBox this problem of widget overflowing is solved. It scales and position its child within the parent widget.

Checkout the companion video tutorial:

Using FittedBox Widget

 child: Row(
   children: [

Source Code Repo

  • Source code is available here

  • Flutter Cookbook2 project's source code is available here



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