How to start using custom fonts in an Android App under 5 minutes

Posted on July 26, 2017 in Development

This post is part of the "under 5 minutes series". In this post I'll talk about how did I set up custom fonts to render text in TextView in an Android app.


In this recipe, I'll show you how did I use a custom font to write text "Hello Fonts !" in TextView widget.

Download and setup custom Font

First, decide on the font that you're planning to use. Download it. I'm referring this sample font as "dot2dot.ttf".

Second, add this custom font in resource directory of android app. Alt font_1.png

Clicking on font will open it in side window. Alt font_2

Creating Font family (XML resource file)

Now, create the font family or a xml resource file to access this custom font from code. Right click on res/font folder and create a xml file: Alt fontfamily

Alt fontfamily2

Using the Font Family in TextView

Here's how font resource created in previous step can be accessed from TextView widget:


        android:text="Hello Fonts !"


That's pretty much all you've to do to start using a custom Font in your Android App.

This is how the sample app's output look like: Alt output sample app

Checkout the source code on Github

Checkout this article on my blog

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Note: This feature of Fonts in XML is got introduced in Android O.

Reference : Documentation